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Burning Bush podcast

Sep 2, 2018

Tyler sits down with Bridgett Hart to talk sexism and representation in the cannabis industry, then dive into their understanding of racism.

Welcome to George Washington Carver Museum (1:38)
Meet Bridgett Hart (2:51)
Break 1 (4:45)
Bridgett's Dad (5:45)
Bridgett Travels (7:53)
Break 2 (9:06)
Cannabis industry...

Jul 24, 2018

After a few puffs of Delta8 THC by Item 9 Labs, Tyler sits down with his & former car insurance agent Mark Fortuna to talk RSO, cancer, meditation, and how living intentionally is saving his life.

Meet Mark Fortuna (1:37)
Cancer-fighting RSO (3:25)
Let’s talk DMT (5:15)
Re-wiring the brain...

Jun 21, 2018

Episode 71 has Tyler (@tdhurst) sitting down with the only person present for nearly all of his toughest episodes in dealing with #complexPTSD: Katie (@iamkatiehurst).

Tyler’s Cold Open (00:00)
Intro Theme (7:28)
Katie’s cannabis history (9:04)
Katie talks Tyler’s booze to cannabis switch (11:31)

May 16, 2018

Tyler sits down with comedienne, host, & improv-er Dana Whissen to chat about cannabis, mental health, & the creative process in episode 70 of @theburningbushpodcast.

Meet Dana Whissen
Talking RSO (1:33)
Blunts & Spliffs & Joints (5:04)
Caramel Chew & Ice Cream & Soda (7:51)
Back problems (14:35)

Apr 13, 2018

A glutened Tyler wheezes his way through a discussion with Phil Hudson about candida and how yeast affects everything we do.

Intro by Tyler (1:00)
Green Goddess House Of Herbs visit (1:41)
Meet Phil Hudson (2:17)
Let’s talk candida (3:33)
Discovery process (4:31 )
Goldleaf Journal (7:42)
Pain consequences on...