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Burning Bush podcast

Dec 29, 2016

Casey and Tyler, after #BubbleGumKush with #DrWho kief, talk about using cannabis before, during and after athletic events, and if cannabis should be considered a PED.
They talk about:
Should cannabis be labeled a PED? (4:17),
Thoughts on training with cannabis (4:40),
The 420 Games (14:56),
What would happen if I...

Dec 22, 2016

After sampling a blend of #HinduKush & #Citrus Sap, dusted with #MothersFinest hash from Rooted Northwest, Casey and Tyler discuss time perception while under the cannabis spell.

They chat about:
Wired’s article on time perception (2:50,,
How we understand dimensions...

Dec 15, 2016

Episode 33 has Casey and Tyler Hurst talking building up cannabis tolerance, the difference in cannabis effects over time, and their love of edibles.
They discuss:
How tolerance and dosage works for us (2:52),
Starting at home (6:44),
Medicinal cannabis use (7:56),
Casey’s cannabis progression with edibles...

Dec 11, 2016

Episode 32 has Tyler sitting down with model/actor/bartender/videographer/photographer/athlete Chris Franklin of @lostnportland to chat about how cannabis has helped him deal with stress and anxiety that led to TMJ in his past profession.

After #KeyLimePie via @grascannabis and #CottonCandyKush by @hightidezoregon with...

Dec 8, 2016

Episode 31 has Casey & Tyler discussing weight loss, being high all the time, and if cannabis is good for sex.

Starting off with Matanuska Thunder Fuck (M.T.F.) from TJ’s Organic Gardens out of Eugene, the guys answer questions like:

Are you really high all the time? (3:28),
Is Casey high all the time? (6:28),