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Burning Bush podcast

Nov 24, 2016

Burning Bush is an independent podcast about truth in cannabis by writers Casey and Tyler Hurst in Portland, OR. Each weekly episode starts with a sampling of Oregon cannabis, then moves to an industry-related conversation.

After revealing storing weed in a waterproof container meant for keys and a personal toxic wash kit, K.C. and Tyler share #HinduKush and chat about:

Tyler’s basic cannabis storage choices (3:10),
His first curing experience (4:55),
Casey’s weed storage thoughts (5:54),
How the guys transport cannabis (8:32),
Long-term storage (11:24),
Higher-end options, including Cannador (13:54),
Flying with a used dab rig (23:53).

Tyler also reviewed a #HVY from @brotherswithglass here: