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Burning Bush podcast

Jan 27, 2017

Tyler and Casey start with #SourTangie and dive into Tyler’s realizations as he recovers from years of Lexapro & psych med use, thanks to cannabis, by talking about processing memories as he remembers them via #flashbacks, both emotional and visual.

They talk about:
Old Drinking Stories (2:27),
Tyler’s Latest Physical (5:33),
Not So Good Vibrations (8:19),
New Vibrations (14:09),
Meditation For Pain Relief (16:20),
Repressed Memories Stored In Muscles (18:31),
Figuring Out How To Think (24:45),
Visualizing Displaced Rib Pain (27:45),
Pineal Gland What Ifs (30:15),

Burning Bush is an independent podcast about truth in cannabis by writers Casey (Portland, OR) and Tyler Hurst (Phoenix, AZ). Each weekly-ish episode starts with a sampling of Oregon cannabis, then moves to an industry-related conversation.