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Burning Bush podcast

Jan 27, 2017

Tyler and Casey start with #SourTangie and dive into Tyler’s realizations as he recovers from years of Lexapro & psych med use, thanks to cannabis, by talking about processing memories as he remembers them via #flashbacks, both emotional and visual.

They talk about:
Old Drinking Stories (2:27),
Tyler’s Latest...

Jan 20, 2017

Casey and Tyler, after smoking down on #GreenDragon, talk the power of music, #Danksgiving, and terpenes. Oh, and Tyler lives in Phoenix now, so if you know of any cannabis people looking to chat, let him know.

They bring up:
Musical Therapy (3:39),
C-Stick (7:58),
Danksgiving (9:43),
Terpenes (12:31),

Jan 16, 2017

Tyler & Casey hit up #RogueOne in 3D after rocking a joint filled with #ConspiracyKush & #TheOne topped off by #Cinex hash and #GhostOfLeroy with #DarkShadowHaze kief from @rootednorthwest.

They chat about:
Casey’s smoking cubby (2:12),
Head Stash by @co2company (2:58),
Joann Fabrics recycling (5:56),

Jan 6, 2017

Casey and Tyler puff up #AlcatrazOG, dusted with #DarkShadowHaze kief, then get to talking how we might boost legalization efforts and how difficult it really is to learn something new.

They mention:

California legalization issues (3:04),
Childproof packaging quirks (4:44),
Difficulties of changing stigma (8:33),