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Burning Bush podcast

Aug 25, 2017

The guys start with #BlackLime by @ShadowboxFarms and #darkshadowhaze kief with a deep indica, then chat about Tyler’s ayahuasca experience.

Why Tyler tried ayahuasca (2:31),
The Aya Guide experience (5:22),
Purging receptables (8:16)
The first night (9:26),
How do you know if you want more? (12:12),

Aug 13, 2017

The guys start with Purple Trainwreck with Blue Magoo, talk flower testing & quality, then jump into ayahuasca prep with third eye revelations and CBD and tincture uses.

Oregon-bred cannabis strains (2:11),
Flower quality & testing (4:27),
Arizona Yagé Assembly info (7:37),
Psychedelic history (LSD &...