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Burning Bush podcast

Oct 17, 2017

Tyler sits down with Rochelle Jarvis of The Marijuana Doctor after smoking waaaaaaay more cannabis than Tyler probably should have.
Dank diaries background (3:44),
Teacher years (6:00),
Cannabis for fibromyalgia (6:55),
Yoga for pain management (10:07),
What fibrolyalgia feels like (11:28),
How cannabis helps...

Oct 2, 2017

Episode 63 has Tyler first interviewing #TheYogasmExperience’s Ashley Asatu, then the guys chat about using cannabis for heat/inflammation help, and we finish with Get Hybrid Social’s Amy Donohue talking how she got into the industry.

Vagina Strengthening (0:00),
Ashley Asatu (1:23),
Talking weather...