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Burning Bush podcast

Oct 2, 2017

Episode 63 has Tyler first interviewing #TheYogasmExperience’s Ashley Asatu, then the guys chat about using cannabis for heat/inflammation help, and we finish with Get Hybrid Social’s Amy Donohue talking how she got into the industry.

Vagina Strengthening (0:00),
Ashley Asatu (1:23),
Talking weather (8:50),
Cannabis for heat at concerts (12:30),
Today’s strains (16:13),
CBD as a neuroprotectant (17:44),
CBD from hemp? (20:16),
Skateboarding on CBD (22:58),
CBD for balance (25:55),
Weed before surfing (27:32),
Pre-gym cannabis (33:10),
CBD for sport performance? (34:22),
Amy Donohue (38:53).

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Burning Bush is an independent podcast about truth in cannabis by Tyler Hurst & friends. Each weekly-ish episode starts with a sampling of local cannabis, then moves to an industry-related conversation.