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Burning Bush podcast

Dec 1, 2016

Today Casey and I chat about first-time dispensary visit questions, based on the former’s bud tending experience and the latter’s trip to all medical dispensaries in Portland about a year ago.

We’ll be at CannaClassic this Sunday and will be learning how to infused butter and oil and then infuse that into chocolate at the Bitchen Kitchen with Laurie and Mary Jane December 10.

What’s the deal with edibles (2:49),
Infusing edible oil (9:31),
First-time edible suggestions (12:42),
Does sativa/indica matter in edibles? (13:48),
Does amount of THC/CBD matter? (17:08),
What about PTSD? (20:18),
High CBD benefits (consistency is key) (22:50),
What is live resin? (25:04),
Is it okay to ask questions? (27:10),
How “should” you start imbibing? (28:55),
What vaporizers do we use? (30:39),
What’s a joint, spliff, & blunt? (33:00),
What’s a hemp (hippie) wick? (36:00),
What should expect from budtenders? (37:00).

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