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Burning Bush podcast

Feb 26, 2017

After sampling Black Widow by High Winds Farm &  Pennywise by Rebel Spirit Cannabis from CannaClassic and Portland’s Weed Week, Casey and Tyler chat about using cannabis to stay in the moment no matter what you’re doing.

They talk about:
CannaClassic 2016 (2:22),
Getting to #flow state (4:05),
Float tank high...

Feb 19, 2017

Episode 42 has Casey & Tyler talking about listeners and then imbibing Obama Kush from Bridge City Collective with Royal Highness hash from Oregon Coast Cannabis.

Then they chat about pairing 10 #cannabis strains with five kinds of Girl Scout Cookies.

They talk about:
Samoas with Hindu Kush (6:05),
Samoas with Chocolate...

Feb 11, 2017

Casey & Tyler, after needing a few minutes to steady themselves from #DarkShadowHaze keif and a sativa hybird blend, talk about ego stuff starting with psych med effects on such.

They discuss:
Psych med side effects (2:34),
Causes vs solutions, fake news (6:27),
@DrinkVitonic and ego separation (8:50),
Working through...

Feb 3, 2017

Casey and Tyler get down with #LemonMango and #DarkShadowHaze keif dusted over #GorillaGlue4 and #TheBlaze and talk about how cannabis affects ego.

They bring up:

Casey on improving circulation and flexibility (3:40),
Tyler on cannabis-enhanced ellipticals (6:40),
Your ego on cannabis (13:54),
Casey on ego death by...