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Burning Bush podcast

Jun 27, 2017

After some Slimer OG and Killamanjaro OG, the guys talk tattoos, AZ/OR weed prices, RSO/FECO during yoga, and preferred strain types by activity.

Casey’s new tattoo (3:20),
Comparing AZ & OR sparkly weed prices (6:05),
Indica/IndicaDom/SativaDom/Sativa rules (7:59),
Yoga on RSO/FECO (12:51),
Casey’s school...

Jun 16, 2017

After Casey tokes #MtHoodMagic from Resin Ranchers & Tyler Hurst finishes up #GodBud with #AgentOrange and Space Case Grinder kief, the guys talk about using #cannabis for performance enhancement.

Casey introduces himself (3:25),
Talking Wyld Canna (3:47),
Casey runs the Shamrock (4:10),
Tyler checks in at two...

Jun 10, 2017

After Casey sparks up some mom-grown #gorillaglue4 & Tyler Hurst uses his @brotherswithglass #HVY to get down on a bowl of indica, the guys talk about first impressions of differences in the Arizona (MMJ-only) & Oregon cannabis markets.

Can horses sense emotions? (9:13),
Can we sense invisible magnetic fields?...