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Burning Bush podcast

Sep 21, 2017

Today’s episode has Tyler chatting at Wasted Grain during an Industry Appreciation Event in July. After rolling up CBD isolate in some tasty live resin, guests talked about their roles in the industry, what more people should know about cannabis, and what parties are like for cannabis people.

Talking CBD (0:00),
Liz Valentine (1:38),
Colton Dukat (3:25)
David Sodemann (11:25),
Dina Miller (14:12),
Shakira Martinez (17:45),
Brandi Lynn Rickman (25:16),
Rachel Reyher (30:01),
Sean Sherwood (35:25),
Anthony Eaton (39:53).

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Burning Bush is an independent podcast about truth in cannabis by Tyler Hurst & friends. Each weekly-ish episode starts with a sampling of local cannabis, then moves to an industry-related conversation.