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Burning Bush podcast

Jul 31, 2017

Tyler reminisces about a mindblowing Fruit Salad joint from Parc Dispensary, the guys sample Tangie from High Noon and coconut oil made with our new Magical Butter machines.

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Magical Butter compared to crock pot (2:42),
When the blades turn on (6:57),

Jul 25, 2017

After Tyler smokes up Chemdawg and his Portland-based partner takes down MTF by TJ’s Organic Gardens, they compare late spring AZ with OR weather, & then talk CBD for recovery.

CBD isolate (2:46),
Charlotte’s Web, eating CBD (5:39),
Strain-specific, THC/CBD edible ratios per activity (9:47),
Joe Rogan on...

Jul 14, 2017

Tyler recaps the Joint Lifetyle AZ event, interviews Jacob Anderson, and shares thoughts from the night of.

Joint Lifestyle AZ walk through (:50),
VIP area (4:49)
Payton Curry raw juicing demo (7:20),
Street-style tacos (10:23),
That DJ, yo (11:44),
Jacob Anderson of Weeder (14:46),
Edibles, dabs, and my...

Jul 11, 2017

Tyler and friends chat about how much Tyler misses #HeadStash by @co2company and then get into weather, edibles, and yoga.

Dispensaries on 4/20 (2:07),
Weather affecting cannabis (4:24),
New cannabis inspired by Cultivation Classic (6:09),
OR REC vs MED, AZ MED pricing (7:28),
AZ edible thoughts...

Jul 3, 2017

Ready for the Joint Lifestyle AZ party, this July 4th?

Tickets and rooms still available!

The guys try #CityofGod and some #LarryOG with #AgentOrange & #darkshadowhaze kief with an indica crumble in his #Typhoon from Brothers With Glass, and then get into thoughts on edible licenses and medicated yoga.